Process Control Software Solution

A SCADA solution for Equipment Control & Regulatory Compliance
in Pharmaceutical manufacturing

Equipment Control & Regulatory Compliance

To Ensure that the drug, medicine, vaccine, biological products and the devices intended for human use are safe and effective, Every Pharmaceutical manufacturing facility keeps proper access control in the process and keeps all the process records up to date. But It is always difficult to continuously keep manual records credible due to different reasons.

noxVIEW software platform and the expertise of Team Nutron in Pharma manufacturing Ecosystem, have become fruitful to many pharma companies to keep the access controls and electronic records in compliance with the regulations laid down by different countries and most popularly with 21CFR11 by US FDA.



You will get

Our Solution caters to following Key Compliance Features
as recommended by US FDA 21CFRPart11

Electronic Signature

  • 3 Unique Attributes – User Id, User Level & Password
  • Password Strength – Characters Mix & Length

Electronic Records

  • Audit trail Record – All User Activity 
  • Batch Process Records & Critical Event Records
  • Timestamp for all records & Tamper Proof Data
  • ALCOA+ Characteristics
    • Attributable, Legible,Contemporaneous
    • Original, Accurate, Complete and Consistent.

User Management

  • Multiple User Levels , Multiple User at each Level
  • Password Aging/Expiry , Auto Logout
  • Block/Unblock – Wrong Attempts, Inactive User
  • Access Rights, Change Password on First Attempt

Data Portability

  • Data Export/Import
  • Data Archival/Retrieval

Process Control Features

  • High Performance Human Machine Interface (HMI)
  • Process Trends, Real Time Event Dialogs for Error free Process Operation
  • Alarm and Alerts to guide the Operator to handle In Process Situations
  • High Level of Flexibility in Batch Process Report Formats
  • User friendly Access Control and User Management
  • Faster Product change over and consistent quality through effective Recipe Management


You will Benefit

Comply your existing equipments by replacing HMI without changing Existing Process Control logic

Save Huge Capital Investment on Replacement of Old Equipment

Standardise User Interface and Software Features irrespective of PLC brand

Future Connectivity for Data Integration, MES, BMR or Industry 4.0 Solutions

Faster Implementation saves huge Production Loss while retrofit

High Value Proposition on the cost incurred for given feature set


Equipment it serves


Rapid Mixer Granulator

Fluid Bed Dryer / Processor


Capsule Filling

Tablet Press

Bin Washer

Fence Washer


Mfg. Process & Storage Vessels

Washing, Tunnel, Filling, Capping


PSG, WFI, Purified Water Generation System

Autoclaves & Sterilizer

System Integration

Equipment Control & Regulatory Compliance

System Integration

Line Integration Software


Weighing & Dispensing