Line Integration Software

An MES Layer solution for Centralized Data, Record and User Management
in Pharmaceutical manufacturing

Line Integration System Asset/Equipment Management

Automated equipment enables higher productivity along with lots of data and information flowing with them. It is useful only when centralized with an effective communication system which allows keep them available at the right point.

Without vertical and horizontal machine data integration, an operator can still operate several machines thro’ noxVIEW SCADA/HMI with commands like log in, set recipe, start machine, Access controls and up to date electronic records with meeting compliance requirement also.

But with the L2 layer integration by noxVIEW LIS opens the road to Pharma 4.0 digital transformation along with all other benefits of managing electronic records, Managing User Access Control across the facility from a single central location.


You will get

Asset/Equipment Management

  • Easy Configuration of all connected Assets with noxVIEW SCADA. 
  • Real Time Data Monitoring for All Connected Equipment.
  • Automatic Data Synchronization for All Asset Configured 
Line Integration System Asset/Equipment Management
Line Integration System Asset/Equipment Management

Centralized Common User Management

  • Single Identity of User across the facility in all equipment.
  • Common Access Rules Across Facility
  • Centralized User-Asset Allocation 
  • Assign User for Access to Specific Equipments

Centralized Electronic Record Management

  • Automatic Backup Storage
  • Centralized Access & Control over stored Electronic records
  • No Data Loss even for Loss of communication
  • Real Time Data/Record Synchronization with Equipment Control SCADA
Line Integration System Asset/Equipment Management
Line Integration System Asset/Equipment Management

Real Time Asset Monitoring Dashboard

  • Centralized Monitoring of Process status across the facility
  • Real Time equipment Status and Running Batch Information At a Glance
  • MES , BMR Interface Option


You will Benefit

Line Integration System Asset/Equipment Management

All Electronic Records and user management accessible from remote central locations without entering the manufacturing area.

Automatic backup of records in real time ensures zero data loss.

User Creation only once for all equipment saves a lot of time & hassles in maintaining their access rules and signature.

No further programming involved for data integration at L2 Layer.

System Integration

Equipment Control & Regulatory Compliance

System Integration

Line Integration Software


Weighing & Dispensing