Manufacturing Performance Monitoring

Digitization of MIS and Logbook with added intelligence sets up
perfect link for Industry 4.0 implementation

Every Manufacturing Facility have different challenge and unique Eco-system. The Success of industry 4.0 implementations Lies in start addressing immediate issues step wise/phase wise and connect the building blocks step by step and achieve long term goals.

Right and accurate Data to be continuously fed to the software system is the most important and the first step to successful implementation of the industry 4.0 Solution. Our Approach is to capture available data from Machine PLC, Create right data which is not available in the existing PLC system and fetch them via Data collectors and feed it to MES layer along with important manual data for further processing.

MPM is a ready platform to convert these large volume of data into meaningful information that makes shop floor manager more insightful, efficient, accountable and connected with revenue in real time.


Why Invest in noxVIEW MPM?

The Unique Features that make Your Investment in MPM Fruitful

  • Easy to Use Standard Analytical Dashboards
  • Real Time Alerts for Target & Losses
  • Faster Implementation Across the Plant
  • Easy Integration with PLC/CNC/Manual Machine
  • Manual Entry Provision for Inevitable Data
  • Innovative Missing Data Interpolation
  • Customized Dashboard for Specific Need


You will get

Real Time Dashboard

MPM Real Time Dashboard serves as a live bulletin of your performance on the shop floor and helps to maintain the Takt rate. Give clear visibility on operator performance and sales performance based on asset occupancy

MPM - Realtime Dashboard
MPM - Asset Utilization

Asset Utilization

MPM will improve your Asset Utilization and Remarkably increase your ROI. Give clear visibility on operator performance and sales performance based on asset occupancy.

Productivity Performance

Productivity Dashboard shows the Operator about the productivity trends and short fall on targets so that he can keep the productivity at optimum level.

MPM - Performance Dashboard
MPM - Downtime Diagnostics

Downtime Diagnostics

Gives insight on various downtime with the reason to take right decisions on improvement areas which enables sure shot results.

Loss Monitoring

Keep an eye and provide alerts on the possible losses in real time so that one can address it immediately and have a chance to recover to meet the targets.

MPM - Loss Monitoring
MPM - Overall Equipment Efficiency(OEE)

Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE)

OEE provides a bird eye view with a single identifier of the Asset all round Performance as a whole which top management is looking for.