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FA Product Supply & System integration

Digital Transformation

Robotic & Assembly Automation

Automation Projects & Control Panel

Retrofit Automation

Test & Measurement

Authorized FA Product Service Center

We Create Fully Connected Systems So You Can Focus On Your Business

Industry 4.0 – a new phase in the Industrial Revolution focuses heavily on inter connectivity, automation, machine learning, and real-time data.

While every company and organization operating today is different, they all face a common challenge—the need for connectivity and access to real-time insights across processes, machines, partners, products, and people. We help them overcome this challenge through noxVIEW Platform.

FA Product Supply & System Integration

We have a complete Factory Automation product basket PLC, HMI , Variable Frequency Drives , Servo Motors /Drives , SCADA , Various Field Sensors.

We at Nutron, with vast domain knowledge on Automation Products of Different Brand, Its application, Various Automation Platforms, Machinery Aspects and Process aspects, are able to provide system integration services in most efficient, cost effective & timely manner.

We provide Total System Integration by combining expertise on various activities at all levels of automation pyramid from bottom to top like…

  • Field Instrumentation & Sensor Interface
  • AC Drive- Servo Drive Parameterization
  • Third Party Controller/ Indicator/Device configuration
  • PLC / PAC /Controller Programming
  • HMI-GUI Designing
  • SCADA application Development & communication interface
  • Bridging Shop Floor data to MES system Database

Digital Transformation

We take up projects for digital transformation of manufacturing facilities by Fusion of OT and IT with Factory Automation.

We provide Integration Services for Factory Automation Software like SCADA, MES and IIOT for any manufacturing industry. 

customized /tailored software applications which can work with any PLC brand on open protocol and on any third-party device having its own dedicated protocol and it can co-exist with any other FA software.

Software Application that are flexible and tailored for typical requirements which is very much equipment specific and carry intellectual value are very much useful for OEMs to remain ahead of the competition.

Robotic & Assembly Automation

Meeting vision of Industry 4.0

  • Advanced Machines
  • The Digital Transformation of Operations
  • Improved Productivity, Quality 
  • Improve Human Safety and Risk by Eliminating Repeatable Manual Operations
  • Mitigate risk of  Labour shortage
  • Reduce Manufacturing Lead time
  • Avoid unwanted downtime
  • Ensure Zero defect product delivery
  • Reduce Labour Cost

Automation Projects & Control Panel

  • Turn-Key Automation Green Field Projects for Manufacturing Plants, Infrastructure etc. 
  • Design, Engineering, Supply, Installation and Commissioning and AMC
  • Control Panel Design, Manufacturing services for PLC/VFD/Motion Control as per international Standards.
  • Electrical Panel in LV segment for Mains distribution, DG Changeover, APFC and MCC.

Retrofit Automation

 Optimize ROI – Make the most out of existing investments

Many a times Old equipments though mechanically workable cease to operate because of outdated automation products.

No need to discard and make fresh investments. We upgrade your existing Establishment having outdated automation products to latest technology.

NUTRON provides automation support program which deal with existing automation establishment and rejuvenate them while providing seamless compatibility with existing operations to ensure maximum ROI (Return on Investment) with minimum TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).


Test & Measurement

Manufacturers are very conscious about Quality Assurance & Performance Analysis of their Products to provide competitive advantage and fulfill their brand promise.

We help our customers to design and implement inline-offline test setups for specific process or mechanical parameters depending on their product.

Our Team is expert on test & measurement application by using FPGA, PXI, PCI or PAC platforms on embedded technology for high speed and highly accurate measurement requirements. 

Few state of the art testing facility by Nutron. 

  • Connecting Rod Stress Analysis
  • Tyre Profile Testing
  • CP/OT of Switch Gear Test Set Up
  • Catalyst Test Bench for Combustion Filters in Automotive
  • Metal Bellow Performance Test Setup
  • Drainage Product Performance Test Setup

ASC – FA Product Repair Centre

Authorized Service Center for Mitsubishi Electric FA products (VFDs, Servo motors, Servo Drives), We have skilled manpower trained by Mitsubishi FAC on FR-D700, FR-E700, FR-A700, and FR-A800 VFDs, and J2-Super, MR-E, JE, J3, J4 series of Servo Motors and Servo Drives.

We provide 400+ precise & error-free product repairs with 100% customer satisfaction every year.

Our Well Defined Repair Methods & Protocols with the use of Original and Genuine Components gives an edge to provide Fast, hassle Free, and Guaranteed repair solutions.

Repair Solution near to your location allows lesser time to repair and save huge production losses which makes it a very good value proposition for our customers.