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by | Aug 18, 2017 | Internet of Things, Automation, Industry 4.0

What is noxVIEW?

noxVIEW software platform is built for a variety of different reasons, but the fundamental goals are like the most of the software tools as listed below:

  • Create a flexible environment to enable a wide variety of software solutions.
  • Create Rugged and Consistent End Use Applications which can be licensed and distributed.
  • Provide a common set of tools to reduce application building time.
  • Build a consistent interface to enable ease of learning and training.
  • Provide easy development tools suitable for variety of automation software applications.
  • Enable Scalability so that new capabilities can be added as required.
  • Address a range of specialized requirements for customization.

Additionally, noxVIEW platform enable faster time to market, reduce training costs, and provide a host of other benefits in specific software applications like SCADA for equipment and process control and MES Layer Software for Work Flow Automation, Digitization, Traceability and Performance Monitoring.

Taking a platform-approach also enables higher feature velocity—the ability to bring new capabilities to several different applications more quickly. For example, by building libraries of pre-built plug-in like components that can be used to easily connect to simple data acquisition devices, or anything in between, it’s possible to offer these new capabilities more quickly than having to rebuild them for each application. For engineering organizations that use multiple tool sets, this type of architecture can actually save money as well, because part of this platform-like approach enables certain functionalities to be shared across different tools.

How it is Linked with LabVIEW?

With the growth in more specialized markets, including Industry 4.0 and IIoT, as well as the more focused requirements in Manufacturing Automation, there’s a growing need to package the raw capabilities that you can find in more general-purpose tools, and can be targeted at different industries.

noxVIEW platform is such a package which is majorly built with the use of LabVIEW the graphical Programming Environment created by NI (National Instrument Corp.) – a critical contributor to empowering engineers to solve toughest Engineering Challenges for nearly 40 years with lots of raw capabilities to build creative solutions with a vision for next 100 years.

LabVIEW programming environment is the core element of noxVIEW platform along with Microsoft .NET, Angular, Node.JS, ActiveX like tools which is more popular in IT domain. LabVIEW is a System Engineering Software (Fondly Termed as Engineering OS) enables noxVIEW to build the exact systems you need for your application with standard tools and libraries packaged together for specific application areas. And hence noxVIEW applications are built with LabVIEW runtime engine.

Why LabVIEW?

What today’s technical professionals really need is the ability to leverage the work of their fellow engineers, work across a variety of different disciplines, deploy code to hardware in order to interact with the real world, and augment their tool set as new technologies become available.

Flexible, platform style approach is necessary in order to deliver a set of tools that can enable a faster time to market, while at the same time building on a common core of well-established features and functions.

 A platform-based solution enables the creation of more specialized, targeted offerings that package together the specific capabilities needed by different segments of the market. 

In short, noxVIEW needs an operating system-like environment with support for multiple applications and hardware platforms to achieve their work, not just a singular tool. noxVIEW needs a tools platform which:

  • Is Open and allows to work along with other popular programming platforms of IT seamlessly 
  • Can Offers Higher Virtualization Capability
  • Can Supports Variety of Programming architecture
  • Can Offer Object Oriented Design
  • Can Provide Easy interface over different communication protocols
  • Enables Parallel Processing capability without High Level Coding Needs
  • Can Build Application with Faster Execution just like C+ compilers
  • Can Provide Open Interface through Restful APIs to establish inter-operable noxVIEW Platform in Industry 4.0 and IIoT Eco System

And NI’s LabVIEW satisfies above needs by providing a framework for teams of engineers to work together like never before. In the world of engineering tools, it provides those evolving needs including the ability to design, build and enhance products at a quicker pace, support a wider range of more specialized requirements; and improve the usability of the tools so that a larger, wider variety of customers can take advantage of those capabilities. It also provides Application Builder Module with which we are able to distribute professional copies of software as stand-alone, end-use applications built with noxVIEW platform packages.

Few Products and Solutions Available on noxVIEW Platform Package

By Kalpesh Desai
Director @ Nutron Systems Pvt Ltd

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